Absolute Craziness!

Well, the last couple weeks have been super crazy! And I do mean super crazy! This week is finals at school. I took one last night, have one tonight, and one on Saturday. AND THEN......I'M DONE!!!!!!!!!! There seriously not enough words to describe how amazingly ecstatic I am about this!!!
This means that I can actually go home after work and cook dinner.
I can actually do hang out with people.
I can sleep in on Saturday.
I can get into a workout schedule.
The possibilities are endless!

We've had some pretty cool stuff happen though! Some friends of ours just bought a new tv so they gave us their older one. We were so super excited and thankful since we didn't have a tv. The cable will be hooked up on Monday! Ahhhh, my first day of no school, coming home from work at 5 and having cable and internet! Finally back to civilization!
Then my wonderful friend Leslie was a bit of an angel this past weekend. See, we didn't have a dining table either. Well she found us the cutest little table and chairs at a yard sale for super cheap! AND she left it at our doorstep, so when we got home Saturday night, there was this table and chairs sitting at our front door.

I felt so BAD when we got it too. See, Saturday was a bit of a rough day. I needed to study for finals and there was so much to be done at the church, so Chris and I worked ALL day there. And I was hot and grouchy, so I was complaining a little about spending my entire Saturday (my ONLY off day) working. And then we get home and have this table, and the tv we got Friday night. It was like God was saying, I know you're working extra hard, but let me bless you a little. I am so extremely grateful for our little blessings! And I am incredibly grateful for our church. This is truly the first time that Chris has been in love with his job, and I love it too. It's refreshing to know that we are exactly where we are supposed to be.
However, considering our last 4 1/2 years, it's quite scary for things to be going good for us. I'm still just holding on to Jesus and TRUSTING in Him. I have found that is really the only thing to get us through each day. Knowing that He will place us where He wants us.


What A Weekend!

It's Monday so soon? This weekend went by wayyyyy too fast! What a crazy last few days it's been. Friday night was my mother in-law's birthday, so we ran by her house after work to wish her a Happy Birthday!!! Then we went home and cleaned until 1am!! My cousin from Texas flew in on Saturday to spend the weekend with us. We picked her up about 2:30 and then went to Piedmont Park for the Atlanta Dogwood Festival. I feel confident that all 7 million people that live in Atlanta were there! It took us an hour of driving in circles to find a parking spot! After the festival, we went to Blue Moon Pizza and had a nice dinner on the patio. The weather was perfect! Then of course yesterday we spent a good bit of time at church, but afterwards, we took her to the outlet mall in Dawsonville. Love me some shopping! Surprisingly enough, I did not buy one single thing this weekend! After shopping we went to Five Guys Burgers. That was my first time eating there.....pretty yummy! However, I was not to keen on paying $10 a person for a burger and fries! Still yummy though! We dropped her off at the airport this morning. I was sad to see her go! It's so funny because we just met a few years ago but became really close really quick. We're so much alike. It's almost like we're kindred spirits. Like this weekend, one of us would be thinking something and the other would say it! I love her bunches!
So now time to start yet another week. Only 2 more weeks of school!!!! I cannot express how happy this makes me.
Happy Monday!


New Photos

I have some new photos on my Photo Blog. It's on my side board as Lauren Thomas Photography or you can click HERE to check it out.

Happy Tuesday!


Good Friday

So who's totally excited about the weekend? That would be me!
It's really going to be quite the emotional roller coaster.
Tonight I am super pumped because we are going to a Good Friday service at the Verizon Amphitheater in Alpharetta. None other than Louie Gigleo will be speaking....I LOVE HIM LOVE HIM LOVE HIM!!!! And on top of that, Chris Tomlin and Christy Nockels will be performing. I super love them! The event is rain or shine. Looks like I might be singing in a hail storm tonight with the weather around here.

Saturday should be interesting. It's my mom's birthday. She would have been 51 tomorrow. I think my grandmother and I are going to put new flowers on her grave. This gets harder every year. May 1st will be 3 years since she's been gone. But, she's experiencing the awesomeness of Easter in a way we can only imagine. This year I've decided to celebrate her memory. So I've asked all my family to send me their favorite memory of her. And then I will compile it all with pictures in a scrap book all about her.

Then of course, there's Sunday. Easter Sunday. It's like the super bowl of churches. This is the time of year that the Chreasters come out (those who only go to church on Christmas and Easter) :). So, we have been working all week on getting things together for a really cool Easter experience at church. It's exciting that new faces will see what God is doing in our community. We have a new website up too. Chris helped design it so I'm pretty proud! www.rememberlifepoint.com And then after church, we'll head up to Cartersville to see my family. I'm supposed to make a chocolate dessert....have no idea what I'm making. Any ideas? Recipes???

Today I'm really trying to realize just what happened on Good Friday over 2000 years ago. Jesus became the sin that God hated in order for us to have the greatest gift ever given. In a sense, Jesus was God's engagement ring to us - proposing to us a new life - a better life. What more could we ask for?



Seriously! Why do people feel the need to lie? Maybe, just maybe, if they took the time to figure out the problem, they wouldn't have to lie! I'm sorry, last time I checked, families were supposed to work through issues, not try to sweep it under the rug! Because guess what???? The problem DOESN'T GO AWAY!!!! I am just so super frustrated right now, and I know all of this is very vague, but I can't exactly go into details here.
FYI...I HATE LIARS!!!!!!!!!
Hate them.
No use for them.

Maybe there is a spurt of wisdom in the Bible where it talks about leaving your families to start your own. It's like the more you put in to a family, the more crap you get out of it. I can only hope I'm a better parent as a result of all this.


Monday, Monday

Well it's Monday and another weekend as FLOWN by. How does that happen?
This weekend was pretty good aside from being completely sick with allergies from the stupid pollen! My throat has been raw for a week and I haven't slep in about 4 nights due to the constant coughing. Sad thing is, no matter what meds I take, they don't touch it! So, last night out of desperation I went to the CVS Minute Clinic. Had to pay money for them to tell me it's pollen season. Seriously?!?!? I never would have guessed since my silver car has been yellow for two weeks (note sarcasim).

But on a lighter note, I had a test at school that I aced. That was really exciting. Then I rushed over to Roswell Mill for a photo shoot of one of our friends, Jeff Delbridge. He needed some pics for his music press kit. I'm still editing photos, but I'll post some this week. I was pretty pleased with them!
After that, I met Chris and some of our friends for ice cream on a random patio in the Roswell Square. It was so much fun!!! Such a pretty day for that.

Then of course there's Sunday which are always booked solid! I was so excited because I squeezed in a 2 hour nap! That's much longer than intended, but I just felt like poop!

So, now to start another week. Test on Tuesday. Test next Wednesday.
But there is light at the end of the tunnel.....this semester is over in 3 weeks. Wahoo!!!!

Next item on list:
Planning a trip!