over the last few weeks, i have happened upon some pretty awesome things that i think you should check out as well. i’m a giver y’all. a giver. i cannot simply keep these great things to myself...READ MORE HERE.



I’m so excited. I’ve been following Jen Hatmaker for about a year now. I love her. I think we could be real life besties. In fact, I’m sure of it.
If you were to ask her which of the books she’s written is her favorite, she would tell you it’s Interrupted.....READ MORE AT MY NEW HOME



Blurred Lines

ok, ok, ok. i haven’t given a baby update in quite some time.
last week i sent chris for his re-test. a couple of days later the doctor called with the results. there was no change in the numbers and the way he sees it, IVF is our only option for pregnancy. It’s a bit of a double whammy with both of us having issues...READ MORE AT MY NEW INTERNET HOME BY CLICKING HERE.


Road Trippin'

Well let me just say this has been one heck of a summer so far.

Apparently, life on the road is somewhat appealing to us. we just got home from a 9 day adventure that took us from Augusta to Panama City and from there to Texas and back. Oh and a pit stop in Atlanta. I’m pretty sure we were walking zombies yesterday when we finally walked through the door. As exhausting as the travel part was, it was simply a lovely trip!
And now I must tell you all about it through my iphone photos. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE AND SEE MY NEW INTERNET HOME...