What you've missed.

If you haven't made the jump to following me over at my new blog: hopeforthemoment.com then here's what you've missed this week:

Open Your Hands - I shared the beauty of letting go of the tight grip you have on all your dreams and allowing God to take them.

God's Pretty Awesome - All about taking time to see the hand of God working in your life and how abundantly clear I've seen it lately.

Let's Have Some Fun - a fun fest of my favorite Pinterest finds this week!

If I'm Being Real - sharing my heart on some tough stuff and how God is making it beautiful even in the midst of the ugly.

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Are you following along?

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Guarantee vs. Wish

I love when God shows me new things through something I thought I already knew so well.
Especially when it comes to hope.
Hope has sort of been the theme of my life. And I'd love if you would click HERE to go to my new home on the web and read all about it.



Time for a Giveaway!!!!

Hey friends! I'm giving away a copy of Jen Hatmaker's Interrupted this week! So....head on over to the new blog HERE and weigh in your thoughts on the question I have listed. I really want to know!

Winner will be randomly decided this week.



over the last few weeks, i have happened upon some pretty awesome things that i think you should check out as well. i’m a giver y’all. a giver. i cannot simply keep these great things to myself...READ MORE HERE.