Desperate Cane Toads

So yesterday was my first day of school! Yay!!! Of course, neither of my teachers let us out early, so I was there from 8-2. BUT, in my last class (science) we watched an hour long video about Cane Toads. About 30 minutes of it was on mating! Ha! It was so funny. The male cane toad is very sex driven, therefore he will try to mate with ANYTHING----even dead frogs. Sound like a typical male???? So that is my new name for man hoes: "Desperate Little Cane Toads"!

All joking aside, I was a little bummed in both of my classes yesterday.......I have a test on the 13th and the 20th of September. Yep, on my birthday and on the weekend I was supposed to have my b-day trip. So it looks like no big 25th birthday bash this year! However, I would like to reschedule for maybe in the spring sometime. It can just be a girls trip. I'll have to figure something else out for my birthday this year...maybe just a girls night out. As a matter of fact, that sounds pretty fun. So, it's settled! I'm glad I just had that conversation with myself :)

Well now I have to go pump my self up to go to work tomorrow!

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