It's Hump Day!

Happy Hump Day everyone!!! And what a day it's been!!! I feel like I have been around the world. I went to the lovely dentist today for my 6 month cleaning. All in all it was good, but they are forcing me to get my wisdom teeth removed. I tried to express to these people that I have had this scheduled 4 times, but every time, someone dies. I really can't handle another death in my family, not to mention the price I have to pay out of pocket! Call me superstitious, but whatever! I guess I'll schedule it next year.

I feel good today because I finally turned in my teaching application and paid the rest of my fees. That's a load of stress removed! AND, we signed the final paperwork for our new apartment today. So yes, happy hump day to me!

So, my big 25 birthday is Saturday. As most of you know, I went through a SERIOUS quarter life crisis earlier this year. Which, now I'm pretty pissed about because I've been upset all year, and then the week before my birthday, it clicks and I'm ok. I have decided to EMBRACE 25! In all reality, I don't really have an option as to whether or not 25 is coming, so I might as well accept it. I am going to make this a year of firsts. I want to do all the things I've never done before. Here are a few items that top the list:
1. Go to a tailgate party (doing that with Heather on 10/18)
2. Be more spontaneous (try not to plan everything)
3. Go to a club and go dancing
4. Take dance lessons
5. Do 1 wild and crazy thing (not sure what that might be. I thought my tattoo was pretty close)

All that being said, I'm really excited for this year! I am confident it will be good. Thinking positively here!

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  1. Well we can scratch of the go dancing part on your list....my friend is coming back in town next month and we LOVE to do that, so when she comes back, the 3 of us will go...but i wont tell you until the day of so you can be spontaneous!!