This Weekend

So this weekend was quite eventful! Saturday we went to UGA for my first tailgate party! It was lots-o-fun! After the game, we drove around Athens for Chris to show me his old stomping grounds. Then we drove over to Comer to see the first church Chris was a youth pastor at. While on that side of town, we drove over to Watkinsville to see the covered bridge. It was so pretty. I will put up a few pictures of it later today. Then Sunday we went to church for a great service and had lunch with Jeff and Kim. They're such cool people. We had the strangest waitress EVER. It was too funny!

I've officially started this week out with a bang! I have been SO sick today. I've got some sort of stomach bug and it sucks! So basically, if anything involved getting off the couch, I didn't do it. During all my time on the couch, I have decided I want a blackberry or iphone. Really, the only reason I want one is so I can twitter on facebook. Well as most of you know, Chris is dying for and iphone, so I have literally created a monster because this is all he will be talking about for the next few days. I am super excited because I'm going to ScrapMania on Saturday night with Amanda! My friend Heather and her friend have signed up too. I can't wait! I'm in desperate need for some girl time!

Well now you are all caught up. Such an exciting life!

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