5 More Days...

Well Merry Almost Christmas!!! This month has been a whirlwind! It seems like there's a party every weekend and Chris has pretty much been on tour all month. It's been fun though! I love Christmas! It's my most favorite time of year. We leave in a few days for Texas. I'm really excited. I wanted "25" to be a year of firsts, and Christmas with my dad and all 3 brothers is defintitely a first! Yay! I'll put up some pictures next week.

Something else super exciting is that I got accepted into the College of Education at KSU this week! I'm officially in!!!! Almost done! :)

And how could I forget.....Meg from Kansas (Whatever blog) commented on my blog! It has truly been the highlight of my blogging experience! I love her blog and stalk it frequently! :) It made me feel so good!

As the year is drawing to an end, I am definitely thinking abour resolution time! Ick! I will wait to blog about that closer to New Year's!

I hope everyone has a FANTASTIC Christmas!!!!

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  1. CONGRATS on getting into the education school!!! Im so happy for you!!