Christmas Time Is Here

It's my absolute most favorite time of year!!!! Oh yes, it's Christmas time! I love the decorations and the spirit in the air! By the way, Atlantic Station in Atlanta is having snow every night at 7pm!!! How cool is that? AND they have a special holiday store--set up outside like an old timey village! Oh I'm so excited!

Tomorrow night we're going to the Christmas Tree Lighting at the Marietta Square. Super excited about that too!
Sunday, Heather is going to take pics of me, Chris, Maddie and Nate. Chris's mom has been asking for this for 4 years! I'm just excited about that too!
But do you know what I'm most excite about?...........SCHOOL IS OVER THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!! Oh praise the Lord! I'll have the rest of December with no school! That is just fabulous!
We're going to Texas for Christmas day with my dad and brothas! I hope it's cold. Christmas just isn't Christmas if it's hot!

Happy Wednesday!

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