A New Year is Here

Well, well, well. Can you believe that today is the official end of 2008? What a year it's been! I turned 25 and lived to tell about it! Chris and I have had huge life altering events, like hmmm....living with his parents! Chris got to go on tour, I finally finished my wedding scrapbook! I got to spend Christmas with all my brothers for the first time. Quite a whirlwind when I think of it all.
You know, I try not to make new years resolutions because something always seems to get in the way. For instance, I've had a gym membership since March and have been maybe 6 times total. Now, that's not doing anything at all for my butt! So, this year, I've decided to set goals, and with the goals comes rewards. January seems to be promissing, but we'll see about the following 11 months!
January - buy business license, buy camera and officially launch Lauren Thomas Photography Company. reward=$$$
February - actually do something for Valentine's Day
March - Spring Break in Washington, DC (that's what we're shooting for) reward=trip and scrapbook!
A few more to mention:
Make A's this semester, actually go on a real vacation, do something special for my birthday.

I think my number one goal this year, however lame it may sound, is to love myself for who I am. This is something I have always struggled with and maybe this year, I can learn to accept me for me. Maybe I can stop caring that I don't look like such and such or can't wear a size 4. Just maybe I can focus on taking care of me just as I am, and that attitude will overflow into getting healthier and bettering myself.
We'll see.

Well, we're off to Charleston tomorrow and I can't wait. See, a trip - that's the way to start off a new year! We've never done anything for new years before! Happy New Year's everyone!

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