Happy Things

It's getting close to the first day of Spring. Spring = new life, blooms, etc. That stuff makes me happy. So, I decided to compile a little list of happy things.
1. There is a God who loves me so very much
2. Family
3. My mother's hugs - they were the greatest. Ah, I miss her so much!

4. Cuddling with my hubby
5. Phone conversations with my BFF
6. Spring baseball games

7. Flowers

8. Photography - of any kind makes me the happiest!
9. True love!
10. Friendships

It's always refreshing to take time out to focus on happy things. So often we get caught up in everything bad that's happening that we forget to relish in the happiness of life.
Blessings bloggers!

1 comment:

  1. Good for you! We need more time to focus on what's good in our lives instead of the other way around :) You motivate me to write mine too now :)