A Big Weekend Ahead...

...and it's only Tuesday! But LOTS of preparation for Saturday. I am photographing a wedding on Saturday at the John Oliver Michael House! The couple is just darling and I absolutely can't wait!
However, there is so much prep work to be done. Batteries charged, checklists upon checklists, etc,etc,etc.
BUT I am soooo excited. Now I just need to get a bunch scheduled for 2010 and 2011. During that time, photography will be my only source of income. So anyone who knows anyone that's getting married....send them my way! I can travel outside of GA if needed! Engagement sessions are free with a wedding booking!!!
I can't wait to throw some pictures up here!

I'm also really excited because next week we are ordering my new business cards and launching my new website for "Lauren Thomas Photography"! Then it's all about marketing!

Let's see, what else is happening.....
Oh yes, our D.C. trip is just a week away! Yippee! We are so excited! I will definitely be on photo overload!
The weather has been beautiful...finally! We got in a little pool action in the midst of craziness. Last night we went for an evening swim with the Laxton's! Tons of fun! We swam until baby Ellie's lips turned purple! It was time to get out!! :)

As for the rest of the week - major focus time for Saturday. And I have great hopes that the pool is in the plans for Sunday afternoon. Ahhh, yes. Relaxation!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. All the swimming and wedding sounds good, enjoy your trip and embrace summer :)