DC Day One

Ok so here's a few important things we learned here today:
1. Chris learned the difference between an icee and a slush puppy-- I asked for a cherry slush puppy and he comes out with a cherry icee! BIG difference
2. Read address of where u are going before trying to find--we drove around for 20 minutes trying to find 1635; the address was 1625
3. The Metro: now this was interesting. It's full of tons of people all minding their own business--except for me of course. I was trying to figure out everyone else's story and that's when the albino girl got on! I did not know they were real! She was a real life albino! Red eyes and white eye lashes! I was so inteidued with her! I tried to get chris to take a pic-- of course he wouldn't.

Just had to share all that before I forgot!

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  1. I would be intrigued seeing an albino too, tried hard not to stare or visualize any Da Vinci COde moment, for sure.