Well I made it through the wedding photo shoot! It went amazingly well. It was so funny, I was fully expecting to be a nervous wreck and I wasn't at all! I owe that to God I do believe. See, I believe when you have a sincere passion for something, it is a passion God has put in your heart. So I knew that as long as I recognized that, everything would go smoothly...and it did!!!
I will post some pictures soon I promise! It's a little daunting to go through the 1912 pictures I took!!!

AND, who knew how utterly exhausting this would be! It was an outside wedding, so I was in the humid heat from 1-8. Long day. BUT SO WORTH IT!

Anyway, thanks for everyone's support! I'm ready for the next wedding!

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  1. ooo oooo pick me pick me!!! Oh darn it. I guess no one is really lighting a fire under anyones butt anytime soon.

    Did you get my text? Olivias parents were so thrilled about everything you did!!! They are going to keep recommending you!

    And 1912....DANG!! I only left your 400 on my camera. I wish i had known i would have deleted the others. Cant wait to see them!!!