Happy Thursday!!!

I am so excited that I have tomorrow off for 4th of July! Yippee!!! My friend Heather and I are going to start the day off right with a field trip to Atlanta to take pictures. We're starting at Oakland Cemetery - very old and famous, and then moving up town. My boss asked me to take pics of Atlanta to blow up and frame in our office! How exciting!!!! Now the pressure is definitely on!!! But, it should be fun - no doubt about it.

And for the weekend....I'm thinking some serious pool action needs to be involved. I have been saying this every week for like 4 weeks and no pool. So this weekend it is a requirement!

I am definitely super inspired for redecorating the apartment. I guess it's just exciting because I finally have a vision of what I want!
Can NOT wait!
Oh, maybe I'll paint this weekend!

So the wedding pics are up on my photo blog and the bride is very happy with the photos.
Whew! I was nervous!
After looking at several hundred wedding photos in great detail for 3 weeks, you begin to over-criticize the work. So I'm glad I have handed off the finished product!
NOW, I just need some more business! I just got my new business cards - hubby did a great job on the design. It's the header of my photo blog.
Photography will be my only form of income in about a year for my last year of school. Soooooo, I need bookings ASAP! Anyone in need of some photography???
I'll cut you a deal!

Alrighty, well I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! AND happy 4th of July!
Happy Birthday America!!!


  1. How nice to have a day off, take pictures after you redecorate your place, please :)

  2. What's the vison? Will be fun to see! Hope you will share.