Thankful Thursday

Hey everyone! Elyse over at Following HIM is doing Thankful Thursday! So I thought it might make my day a little brighter if I thought about all the blessings I really have. So.....
Today I am thankful for so much!
**my sweet hubby
**a wonderful family
**fabulous friends
**the opportunity to finish my degree
**venting lunch breaks with the girls!
**a heart for God
**the biggness of God!
**that God is my father. He stepped in where earthly so-called fathers have failed me and He has made me a better person because of it.
**the 22 years I was allowed to spend with my angel of a mother
**the fact that my mom showed me more love than humanly possible
**so thankful that I will see her and my granddaddy again one day :)

What are you thankful for today?

1 comment:

  1. You do have a lot to be proud and thankful of ;) Your life is amaing and your pictures are awesome.