So this weekend was tons of fun! Friday night we went to the Pope High School football game to see Chris's little sis in the color guard. The game was great! And it was cool because it's Chris's alma-mater. Saturday started with an awesome photo shoot at the train tracks and then another one Saturday evening at Lenox Park. You can see photos here. Chris and I had lunch at Chow Baby - fabulousness! Then a little shopping. And I found the most fabulous things at Pier One that were actually cheap! So exciting! They had a clearance sale!
And then today was my 26th birthday - more fabulousness! Church was great! My friends at church are great! We had a big group go hang out and chow down on some Mexican food. Loved it! Then LOTS of photo editing tonight and a little more shopping.
And then there's now.....I should be doing homework.
But blogging is much more entertaining.
Along with the ridiculous excuse of an awards show on MTV right now.

Happy almost Monday!

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