It's Friday!!!!

I have been a bad blogger. I know. Almost 3 weeks without a post. What is wrong with me???
I have been super duper busy!!! School is in full swing and pretty much for the last three weeks I haven't made it home before 9:00. Now for those of you who don't know, I like to be in the bed by 9! Hopefully one day this weekend I can catch up!

And do you know what?!?! My blog turned 1 last month and I completely missed it! Ugh!

Last night we went to see Christy Nockels! She is one of my all time favorite singers! She's just amazing, and so darn cute! I love love love love her! AND one of our friends is in her band, so that means I should be seeing lots of her soon!

So the plans for this weekend:
*Zac Brown Band concert tonight
*Bar-B-Q at a church member's farm tomorrow; UGA game at 3:30
*Church on Sunday and then heading to South Carolina for the evening to check out Newsprings Church
*Monday - cleaning day!!! And launch new website!

My goal this fall is to get really into college football. I told Chris that we have to be dedicated fans this year, so Saturday is the beginning!

School is going good so far. I really like my classes - they are challenging but I like them. So hopefully this will be another successful semester.

There's some other stuff going on that I desperately want to blog about, but I'm trying to figure out the best way to do/say it. Some of it is exciting and some - not so much. But as soon as I figure out the best way to blog about it I will.

Happy Labor Day everyone!

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