Catch Up

Hello blogland! I thought I should post at least once before Thanksgiving!
Lots and lots going on in my world!
This weekend was fun....I had a great family photo session with a family from church! I'm still editing, but can't wait to get the finished product out! I'll post a few on here when I'm done! ;)

Chris and I are getting creative on the grill! Last night however, well, it was disastrous!
I tried to make quesadillas on the grill. I put them in foil and then just put right on the grill. For whatever reason I thought that since it was in foil, the stuff wouldn't burn.
So we had BLACK and I do mean black, chicken quesadillas. The tortillas were whole wheat too. Let me just say, it was one of the nastiest things I have ever made!
So....we had pudding. Hehe!

Never a dull moment with us, and life just wouldn't be the same without a constant dose of drama!

My family is rescheduling Thanksgiving. Apparently, my grandmother has a severe tooth problem that is pretty much debilitating her. So, she's not up to eating, much less cooking.

So Turkey Day is seeming a little light....think we'll hang out with Chris's family and then head to the Kutzman's No Thanks Thanksgiving!!! I'm so excited!

Today was a great day....got to see my girlfriend from New York and have lunch with her! It's always good to see her! And then tomorrow, we get to spend half of the day shopping for gifts for our company Christmas party! Yippee! I love shopping....especially when it's not my money!!!

And just because....here are a few peeps I'm thankful for:

Me, fab cousin Holli, and my oldest brother James

Me and my brother Shane, who by the way just set a date for his wedding!!!!!

My baby brother Cody

Happy Tuesday to all!


  1. I would have probably done the same thing with quesadillas, haha. Have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Lauren- I consider you my fab cousin as well! I love you some sweetie! Praise God you're in my life. Uncle James will come around- i have seen his heart so i know he has one. He is just so stubborn! Not a family trait i am particularly proud of. :(
    I volunteer every Thanksgiving so i don'thave to cook. jk. and i feel totally blessed.