Oh my friends, sad times.
I couldn't fit in blogging yesterday which means I will not be successful at writing a blog for every day of November.
Maybe I'll try again in December.

It's been such a busy week and it's only Wednesday.
I have a presentation at school tonight and a paper that I'd better start writing ASAP!

Then there's Thanksgiving. Pretty sure I won't be cooking anything...store bought only for me!
I love to bake and cook but there are a few problems with this at the present time:
1. No stove
2. No countertop
3. No space
This works for me anyways...don't like Turkey Day food and since we're traveling between families, nothing would be fresh anyway.

I know, I just bought a stove in September. And a week ago we bought a grill and have been using it regularly.
However, Sunday morning we gave our stove to a family in need. The thought of 6 children who had not eaten in days was more than we could handle. After all, we have a grill. And I'm pretty sure I have a few pans that I can put on the grill to cook! My only prayer is that somehow they can find comfort in God everytime they use the stove. They were flood victims and lost everything when GA had the crazy flooding. They needed that stove more than we did.

Should be interesting!!!

And well, the house didn't have a counter when we moved in, and we just haven't gotten around to buying one. Something else always needs our money. We just got new tires and this week we have to get new back brakes! My car is only a year old!!!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. love you guys and your generous spirit!

  2. Why did you already have to get new tires and breaks???

    I love that you gave your stove away. That is so nice of you guys. But this is why I love you both!

  3. Not cooking is alright, especially with family trips on thanksgiving. Many yummy foods :) without all the hassles. :)