Fighting With Myself

I just can't take it anymore! I HAVE to pull out the Christmas decorations!!!
See I was dead set on not putting up a tree this year, because, well, there just aren't going to be many presents under it.
I know I know, presents aren't what Christmas is about. Trust me, I FULLY understand and cherish the true meaning.
But this is my favorite time of year. I get high off of buying presents for other people. I could care less if I get anything. I just like making others happy....and I'm just not in the best position to do that this year.
My mind is running wild with homemade creations that I could make. The possibilities are endless.

So in the end, I've decided I WILL put up a tree....even if I have to wrap empty boxes in order to get the full effect! ;)
Maybe I'll bake some stuff this year. I'm just in a baking mode.
Who knows!
Bottom line:
there will be a tree up
there will be decorations
there will be pictures!

Happy Monday!

1 comment:

  1. YES! If it makes you feel better Matt and I decided to limit gifts to 3 each so we wont have much under the tree. And Im going to do a lot of baking too this year because I am broke.