Holiday Shopping Time!

I am so proud! I have officially blogged 6 days in a row! However, the question now at hand is:
What am I going to blog about for 24 more days???? So if you have any topic ideas, or anything you want to know about me, please tell me!

But, for today, I am all excited about Christmas shopping! I LOVE it!
And, like most people this year, I have an EXTREMELY small budget.
So I thought I would share a few places that have some awesome deals!

My new favorite is ABC Distributing Co.
They have some pretty cool stuff for great prices! You can choose to sort by price range and then low to high. My favorite is the $9.99 and under!

Another great one is Personalization Mall. Now they have some pricey stuff and a few good deals. But my thought process is that if you spend the extra money to get a personalized gift for someone, it means more, and therefore you don't have to purchase as many smaller gifts.

I also highly encourage you to sign up on e-mail lists for Wal-Mart, Target and Old Navy. They are always having great online specials. Most of them give free shipping with a minimum purchase.

The best tip of all is to get started shopping now! I find that it's a lot easier on the wallet to buy things here and there along the way rather than waiting until a couple weeks before Christmas and having to buy all at once.

Well, I hope you all have a fabulous Friday!!!


  1. Now I am feeling frantic, must start getting the presents now. I hate shopping, I hate the malls. What am I to do? lol

    Enjoy your weekend! :D

  2. Definitely! I also think it's best to get your shopping done early for gifts this time of year :) The hassles around the holiday often pisses me off :D

  3. I'm already feeling stressed with shopping since both of my parents' Birthdays are this month. Ack! I better get started ASAP!