Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day

My friends, today is loosen up, lighten up day according to holidays.net. And, while you are reading this, I am loosening up at the spa!

A little rest and relaxation only to be ruined next week by tests, papers and projects! I guess we'll just have to schedule another one of these spa days after school is finished!

Have a happy Saturday!

P.S. - Tomorrow is National Bundt Day, so go bake a bundt cake!


  1. If people were to call you Beautiful Lauren Thomas, you would be "BLT".

    Sorry, that's one of my best friend's name (Yeah, seriously, Lauren Thomas) and we also like to call her Lauren Warren Peace.

    She's a disney freak, and that's a disney movie.

    Nice to meet you, Lauren!

  2. And I hope you are fully enjoying it! Happy anniversary

  3. Wnjoy the spa, Lauren/ All those massages will help you cope to face the busy upcoming week with a smile :)