A New Project

Good morning and Happy Friday!
So I've decided to start a new project.
I am going to take at least 1 picture a day for the next 365 days.
I think I'll put the pictures up weekly on my photo blog, so I'll link to it every Sunday when the pics are up.
Sounds really fun to me!
Starting today.

Tomorrow we are throwing my grandmother a surprise party for her 75th birthday. It's going to be so much fun!
I am in charge of the dessert tray and a few dips. So I'll definitely take a few pics tonight of all the desserts I'm making.
A sugar rush that includes cupcakes, brownies, cheesecake, lemon bars and cookies!
My friend Leslie is a baking queen, so she's helping with the cupcakes - from scratch! I'm just a box mix girl!

In other exciting news, I'm getting ready for the fabulous wedding of my little brother next month. I'm so excited and honored to be their photographer! I talked to his sweet fiance last night, Raegan, and she just sounds so darn cute! I haven't met her yet - they live in Texas and I'm in GA. So in less than a month we'll be making the great westerly road trip! :)

Well that's about all of the random news I have for today. I'll check in with you peeps on Sunday...or Monday!
Have a fabulous weekend!!!

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  1. Ohhh yummy, I love food photos!

    And project 365 is awesome. Can't wait to see it!