Run For Water

So as most of you know, I have a soft heart to the water crisis in Africa. It just breaks my heart that something we use so freely is killing people in other countries.

In an effort to do more for the water crisis, and aligning with my resolution of getting healthy, I am training for a 6k. Yes, a 6k Run for Water. See on a daily basis, most African women and children have to walk 3.7 miles just to find safe water. So, I'm doing it! Now I have walked many a 5k, but I have never ran one. And that is my goal. I want to run the whole thing. I think I can do it. I've got like 12 weeks to prep for it, so here it goes!

I encourage you to check out the website. It's a run that's taking place the same day all across the world in an effort to draw attention to the water crisis. I'm super excited!



  1. YAY! Im so happy for you! It will feel so great crossing the finish line. Let me know if you need someone to cheer for you on the sides!

  2. Good for you, it's such an amazing cause. Good luck!