What Defines A Redneck? Part 1

After choosing my favorite post of 2009, I decided it would be fun to post about rednecks! What defines a redneck? (This is for all of you accross the pond ;))
Well, the more I thought about it, the more complicated it became. I mean honestly, unless you live in America, it's kind of hard to describe. It requires a whole history lesson - but I will do my best!
Ok, here we go.

North America is divided into regions. However, the most prominent social regions are the north and south - which only encompass the eastern portion of the country. The blue portion is north and red is south. Northerners are affectionally known as yankees.

Let's go back to the 1800s when America had the Civil War. North vs. South. North was the union, south was the confederates. Thus enters the confederate flag:

Now why is this important in defining a redneck? Well, the confederate flag was the state flag for Georgia for years. It recently has been changed as it kind of causes some uneasiness with the whole slavery issue. Anyway, most GA rednecks for sure, love the confederate flag. Mostly because it represents the "south". My favorite thing to laugh at is the ones who have a pick up truck with their confederate flag flying off of the back. Here's an example:

Ok, so now that we have a little history, let's get into the rednecks. The south is known for two types of people:
1. Southern gentlemen and Southern Belles

2. Rednecks

And for the most part, a lot of us are a mixture of both. I think when you're raised in the south, you have a little inner-redneck. I know I do. Which is why my redneck post was so funny to me.

The official redneck sport is NASCAR - although it has a nice following in the north as well. And as I'm finding, there rednecks all over the country. Back to NASCAR - in my previous redneck post about throwing a football through a tire, it was a NASCAR tire, which made it all the more funny.

So this is a good starting point. Part 2 will include a little more....


  1. Mwahaha I love the pics of Scarlett and Rhett followed by rednecks!

    And while I don't claim to be an expert, I grew up in Kansas and they have their fair share of rednecks too :P

  2. WOOOOW thanks for the whole education. Educate me some more. That second couple picture cracks me up :)

  3. Those people aren't rednecks those people are trailer trash!!!! There is a Big Difference!! Get your images Straight!

  4. hey that's me with the little black boy in that truck, funny thing is that truck is in my backyard in pieces now...but I ain't no REDNECK!

  5. Missouri Is a red state. Definately not northern. One of the 13 stars on the confederate banner is a missouri star. Fix your map