Guess what I discovered?
A whole website dedicated to random facts.
AND you can get a random fact of the day sent to you!
I love this!

Here are a few that I've found so far and they are cracking. me. up!

~Two-thirds of plastic surgery patients are repeat patients, and more than five million Americans may be addicted to plastic surgery. One example of such addiction, 48-year-old Hang Mioku was left disfigured after she injected her own face with cooking oil.

~Historically, sweat has been an active ingredient in perfume and love potions

~Engagement rings are often worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because the ancient Greeks maintained that that finger contains the vena amoris, or the “vein of love,” that runs straight to the heart. The first recorded wedding rings appear in ancient Egypt, with the circle representing eternity as well as powerful sun and moon deities.

~The English word “girl” was initially used to describe a young person of either sex. It was not until the beginning of the sixteenth century that the term was used specifically to describe a female child

~Hamburgers are not served in India out of respect for Hindu religious beliefs, and beer is served at McDonald's in Germany.

Happy Friday!

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