Spring Is Here

And to celebrate, my aunt and I spent the whole day taking pictures around town!!! Such a perfect day!
So, go ahead and click HERE to see a few from the day. The only picture I missed was the only one I wish I had.
And what was it?
It was a naked black man running down the middle of Peachtree St. For those of you who are non-GA natives, it is the main road that runs through Atlanta.
Ah yes, we were at a red light and all of a sudden here comes this man. He had his shirt on, pants and shoes in hand, and NO underwear. I literally saw ALL of him.
My innocence has been taken.
My virgin eyes scarred.
But so very funny!!!
I'm guessing he got caught in the act of something very naughty!
Now go look at some pictures from the rated G things of the day! HERE!!!


  1. Oh wow, I would so feel violated too. I don't need to see THAT MUCH. hahaha. :p

  2. That is such a beautiful picture!!!!! and omgosh - wow - you wouldn't see something like that here in utah! lol.