Happy Easter!

I hope you all are having a fabulous Easter filled with Easter bunnies and baskets!

***side note: I've always wondered what the connection is with bunnies and eggs? Anybody?***

Ok, so I'm sure you read my Good Friday post.
But let me tell you, Easter Sunday is the single most important day that we as Christians celebrate! It's like the Superbowl for Christians!
Because it is the day that Jesus was resurrected.
His death would have meant nothing if he didn't come back to life!
BUT He did!
Jesus conquered sin and death.

This empty tomb is the basis of our faith.

And on this Easter Sunday, all I can say is Thank You.
Thank you Jesus for becoming all that God hated so that I may spend eternity with you.
Thank you Jesus that because of your death and resurrection, my eternal life is a promise to see my mother again.
Thank you Jesus for loving me enough, despite my unworthiness, to take upon my sin and shame.
Thank you Jesus for the promise of hope you offer.
Thank you for your love.

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