Show Us Your Life and Friday Fives

TGIF people! T.G.I.F.

And since it's Friday, it's time for Show Us Your Life over at Kelly's Blog and Friday Fives at Beth McC's Blog.

So let's start with Show Us Your Life - How You Met Your Husband:
It was Spring of 2004. I had just gotten out of a year long relationship. I loved my church and I used to intern in the student ministry there. However, my youth pastor moved up to be the college and singles pastor - and to be honest, I wasn't crazy about the people in that group. I just never fit in. But one day I decided to go anyway. During worship, I caught this guy looking at my legs (I was wearing a skirt). We exchanged a smile and that was that. So after service he came up to me and introduced himself as CBass and asked me if I wanted to go to lunch with the group. Well as I mentioned before, I wasn't crazy about that crowd, so I lied and said I had other plans. Little did I know, he wasn't planning on any other people being there! So a week went by and back at church the next Sunday I saw him again. This time I went up to him and said hello and he just stared at me. He totally shut me down (apparently the story goes that he couldn't get words to come out of his mouth)! Finally the college pastor stopped me and told me that CBass liked me and asked if he could give my number to him. So I said yes.
Well, he never called. He DID email me, but that was before I was completely addicted to my email, so I never checked it. But we had a couple mutual friends that all knew he had a crush on me, so they made it happen. I was at a friend's house one night and she called him and then handed me the phone. I was totally unprepared for that! But then he asked me on a date. Actually, the sentence went something like: "Would you like to go out with a bunch of people Saturday night, and uh, by people, I really mean just me?" How could I say no? :) The funniest thing is that I thought his last name was Bass (found out on our first date through dinner reservations that it was Thomas). And since his nick-name is C-Bass (I initially thought seabass) and so I cute little thing - have you ever seen the Friends episode where Phoebe is talking about how lobsters mate for life and then she says "he's her lobster"? Well my phrase was "he's my seabass". See, it made since when we were still talking about sea creatures. Just had to throw that in.
So we saw each other every day since. On day 5 we said the "L" word! 2 months into it we were engaged, and married 5 months after that! It was like we knew instantly!
And for 6 years, we've lived happily ever after ... for the most part! ;)

Now for Friday Fives: What are your 5 favorite restaurants?
1. Los Reyes - our favorite Mexican hang out. We've been going there for years and they know our orders by heart!

2. Provino's - Perfect yumminess right here! It's an Italian restaurant. You can eat free on your birthday! Their manicotti is to die for. And the rolls. Oh the rolls are heavenly!

3. Five Guys Burgers/Cheeseburger Bobby's - this is a tie but both have some super delicious burgers!

4. Taco Mac - a little bit of everything here. I usually always get boneless wings or a buffalo chicken wrap. Yummy!

5. Carolyn's - this is a little bar and cafe right across from my office. It is our favorite hang out for any after hours get together. Love the people here too - they know us! It has really become a part of my identity!


  1. Yay I love this post! Who doesnt love some Yummy Mexican food? Just ate at 5 Guys for the first time a few weeks ago and it was good!

    Thanks for doing my Friday Fives! Happy Friday!

  2. Ahem, your top list of 5 restaurants made me hunggggry. I've been craving Mexican food since ever!:D