Well Folks, ....

...it's Sunday! And that means my weekend is coming to an end. :(
However, I must say it's been a great one!

Saturday, Heather and I caught up on some much needed scrap booking! Sadly, I lost all creative juices about 2 hours in.
I know, pathetic.
AND then there was this lady next to us showing her very first scrapbook - and it was amazing.
Completely put all of mine to shame.
Heather and I totally felt like scrap book failures! AND so intimidated! But I may get some photo business out of her, so I guess it's ok! :)

Next on the Saturday agenda was a photo shoot at the Chick-Fil-A corporate office. The photos were of a family - the mom works there. Precious! I absolutely can NOT wait to edit those photos! I'm having to show some restraint and finish editing the wedding photos from a couple of weeks ago before I can get started, but can I say again, these baby photos are so freaking cute!

And now it's Sunday! I'm sitting at church watching rehearsal for the service this morning. I'm SUPPOSED to be editing photos, but we see how well that is working. So there will be church, a mixer with young married peeps, and hopefully a nap in my near future.

So friends, enjoy the last bit of your weekend!

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  1. That's a productive weekend, Lauren.:D SO are we going to see the pictures from Chick-Fil-A corporate office here? Love your work!