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What up my peeps?
It's Tuesday.
Wow, bet you didn't know that.
I really wish it were Friday. Or Saturday. Or Sunday. Heck, even Monday.
I'm off work for all those days.
Really all I want is a nap.
I would be in a much better mood - I'm sure of it.

Ok, so let me fill you in on a few things. Remember when I said we've got some good things going on? Well they are coming true!

So next week we are moving. Yep AGAIN. I know.
Really I do. We're nomads. Or so it seems.

But this time is for a much happier reason than the last. Much happier.
Chris' g-ma is moving in with her daughter. And the g-ma's house is paid off. So she is renting it to me and Chris for super cheap.
3 bedrooms. A front porch. A big back porch. A fenced in yard.
Ah yes, it is good!
If you didn't know, the hubs works in ministry. And well, ministry doesn't pay a whole heck of a lot. But a low salary is a sacrifice we have chosen to make because it's something that is soooo important to us. It's why we live cheaply and share a car. We share a lot actually - I mean I guess that's part of marriage right? I digress. Anyway, so we're moving. And it makes our budget happy.
Now the house is a bit old.
Very cute.
But needs a little bit of an update/facelift.
Nothing a few coats of paint can't fix!

So over the next few weeks, I plan to channel my inner creativity.
And I'm gonna share it with you!
Heather and I are working on a trip to the Classy Flea (only the bestest antique store ever)! I'm also gonna do a bit of shopping on Craigslist and any other CHEAP ideas you may have! So please, give me your ideas!!!!
I don't really know how to put into words the look I'm going for. Maybe shabby chic. Maybe like whimisical antique. Pretty sure I just made that up. So I'll just have to show you with pictures as it comes along. I absolutely can't wait for before and after photos.
So. Excited!!!!

Now, also in the mix is our whimsical NYC trip planned in July.
Let me just say, I got awesome plane tickets! Not first class or anything, but perfect timing and perfect price! Yay Priceline!
Go me!
BUT here's the new twist in the mix. We're going up there for the main purpose of seeing U2. Well, Bono (lead singer) just had emergency back surgery and is postponing some shows.
Oh no!
As of now, our show hasn't been changed.
Worst case scenario: We spend a weekend in NYC and just don't see U2.
Not the total end of the world.
But it would deflate my little hubby's heart.

Last but not least, our sweet little kitten is just the cutest thing ever.
I'm a loser cat mom and have no new pictures to show you.
But just trust me, she's friggin precious!
And our other cat Jackson is SLOWLY adjusting and progressing to the idea of liking her.

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