What A Week!

What up playas?
Can you believe it's ONLY Thursday!
Come on! The week needs to be done.

On the agenda for the rest of the week and weekend:
*Lots of photo taking
*Even more photo editing (memory book to complete, CDs to make, DVDs to make, family packages to deliver......)
*Play with kitten

No rest for the weary here! Exciting tho!
For realz.

Once my to do list is complete, I can start dreaming of my decor.
Ahhhhhhh.....I love it.

AND then, through this, I think I'll jump on completing one of my new year's goals to reinvent myself. I think a home makeover and decor like I've never had before will count, right? Right?

AND then, maybe through all of that, I can finally update the tabs at the top of my blog - you know crafts/projects, recipes and such. And I can link up to all the totally inspiring home decorating blogs I've been addicted to lately.

Sounds like a nice summer project to me.

Oh yes, more excitement. Remember forever ago when I was talking about the photos I'm taking for my office? Well we have a couple framed samples and I'm so excited. Can't wait to get them all finished.

Well there you have it folks. A lovely blog post about nothing in particular or really pertaining to anything.

Enjoy your Thursday! AND enjoy your long Memorial Day weekend!!!

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  1. I like the part about taking and editing pictures. You are a busy lady for sure!! Good luck with it all.