Won't You Be My Wifey? (Please say to the tune of Mr. Roger's theme song)

So you've already read my Friday Fives post right? Right?
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Now, moving right along to Kelly's Korner Show Us How You Live topic of the week.
And that would be......proposal stories!!!

So you wanna know how it all started? My journey to becomming an LT?
Well you my friend are in luck!

Now Chris and I had a bit of a whirlwind romance. We had only dated 2 months before getting engaged and were married 5 months later.
Yes, we were/are that couple.

Oh yes, back to the proposal. From the moment of our first date, until we got married, we were inseparable. We still kind if are :) Awww.

So through our very short dating period, we knew we would get married someday. I mean people, we shared the L word on day/date 5! 5 days and we knew. We're psychic. :)

We met at church and Chris played on stage during the worship service. Our church had a Saturday night service as well as two Sunday morning services and he played at all of them. I usually went to the Saturday night service because, well, I could sleep in on Sunday! So after a fateful Saturday service in June of 2004, Chris told me he needed to talk with me about "ministry" but we had to go away to do it. He wanted to take me to the lake and talk. Me being me said "Why can't we talk here? Why do we have to go to the lake to talk about ministry?" His response was "Well, it's just really important". Whatever. I went along for the ride. The funny thing was how sweaty his hands were! His hands never sweat and I remember asking him why his hands were so sweaty!

So we get to the lake, this old Civil War battle site called Allatoona Pass.

So we were taking a walk down this path and almost at then end there is a cove on the lake. Very pretty. The sun was setting. There was a fallen tree and I sat on it. Now because we had been talking about an getting married, he said "Did you really mean what you said when you said you'd marry me without a ring?"
My response: "Of course, I'm not shallow. I love you, not a diamond."
Then I turned around and was looking at the sunset. I turned back around and there he was on one knee!
I said "What are you doing? Get up?"
Then he proposed!
Very exciting! Apparently he had asked my mom for my hand in marriage while I was out of town with my friend.
So we went to Mellow Mushroom, ordered a pizza, and called everyone in our phones!
And then, that following Tuesday, I got my ring. Don't worry, he officially proposed again! And he picked out the ring!

He's a pretty swell guy if I do say so myself! I heart him a lot! I mean A LOT!


  1. Stopping by from Kelly's Korner - love the story! and...cute blog!

    Come visit One Fine Wire someday - I'd love to see you there :)


  2. That's crazy you met, got engaged, and were married so fast! But hey, it looks like it worked out! :) We were pretty much the opposite, lol!

  3. What a great story. I love lakes and think that with the sunset was the perfect setting. Just stopping over from Kelly's Korner. Have a great weekend!

  4. Such a sweet story!

    Here's a comment for ya! ;) I hope it brightens you day as much as your brightened mine. Thanks for stopping by.