This time next week guess where I will be?
Living up the good life in good ol' New York City!!!!
Remember our trip to see U2 that was cancelled?
Well the concert was cancelled but not the trip!
So in just a few days we'll be on a lovely Delta flight headed for the big city!
Big Apple.
City that never sleeps. Or is that Vegas?
Anyway, we'll be there!
This will be Chris' first time to NYC!
So. Freaking. Excited!
And yes we joined a gym last week but we're not really getting serious about that until after we get back. It would be completely useless to try and get on a routine and then mess it all up.
AND we kind of have this deal that this trip is all about food.
Wow, don't we sound like fatties!
But think about it: you've got street vendors with hot dogs and pretzels, pizza galore, bagels, cheesecake, and a gazillion other things we must try!
So sticking to a diet is completely useless until Wednesday of next week!
Moving on......
Tonight I plan to finally upload photos from 4th of July. Very fun times.
I'm sure you all really care! ;)
Also on the agenda:
Revamping my photo website. I'm taking all the photos down, vamping it up and relaunching! Can't wait!
I'm afraid it's going to be a bit more time consuming than I think.
And let's not forget 2 weeks worth of school work.
Ahh, so much to do, but it's so very exciting!
On that note, enjoy your Tuesday!


  1. yay! Im so excited to hear about your trip

  2. omgosh - have so much fun!! I can't wait to see pictures!!