Weigh In Recap

I just realized that I haven't really given an update lately on my weight loss results.

First, let's recap what I've done so far:
I gave up all sugar for 3 weeks (well obvious sugars) and I gave up fried foods for 2 weeks. It was sort of like a detox for my body. Since then I have allowed moderate portions of each here and there. The goal was to make sure that these were not a part or craving of every day life. And I lost about 6 pounds in dropping those items from my diet.

So last week we really focused on eating at home every night. We ate out Friday night but the rest of the week was grilled at home. I'm happy to say I lost another 2.2 pounds this week as a result!

I'm trying to slowly get my diet under control without doing a total shock to my body - that way I can adjust my lifestyle and not just give up. I want to drop 25 pounds by Christmas so I'll be a little less anxious for my trip to my dad's.

Now this week will be the kicker. I want to try and curb my carb consumption. I LIVE off carbs!!! I don't want to cut them completely out, but it's something that definitely needs to be controlled. I'm thinking this will start on Tuesday. Today is my birthday and I always eat at this Italian restaurant on my birthday an there's no way I will deprive myself of the amazing bread on my birthday! :) So tomorrow I'll start working on it. I also want to try and incorporate some veggies this week too - they're non existent in my current diet. Small steps.

And the last goal to put in place this week is working out. I was really sick last week and my lungs weren't up for working out. So this week the goal is at least 20 min on the bike every day.

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  1. Cutting carbs is hard - but not impossible!! An easy way to start is by switching whole grain carbs for white ones. What? There is such a thing? YES!! Whole grain pasta instead of white. Brown and wild rice instead of white. Whole wheat bread instead of white. Fruit instead of candy. Green veggies instead of potatoes.

    The benefit is that the extra FIBER slows down the absorbtion of the sugar into your bloodstream.