Friday, Friday, Friday, Thank God It's Friday!

What up my blogging peeps?
Take a deeeeppp breath.......it's Friday! Ahhhhhh.

And to top it off - it's Friday Fives time! Be sure to check out Beth's blog and everyone that linked up to it.
This week is random Friday - We are taking next week off for Black Friday Thanksgiving!

1. Describe your IDEAL Saturday.
Ah, my IDEAL Saturday would involve sleeping in, my house magically cleaning itself, wrapped up in a blanket on the porch with some quiet time. Then maybe a couple random trips to various little stores with absolutely NO agenda!

2. Whats your favorite Thanksgiving dessert?
Hmmm...this is a hard one. See I pretty much hate all food Thanksgiving. I'm just not a fan. Never have been. So usually my family always hooked me up with a chocolate French silk pie. Yuuuum.

3. Whats one of your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?
My family does something different every year. I think my favorite part about it is everyone just being together and visiting. I love that. A Lot.

4. Who does the cooking?
At Chris' family, his grandparents make the big stuff and everyone else brings snacks and desserts. With my family, everyone brings a dish. We like to spread out the load!

5. Do you shop on Black Friday??
Truly depends on the money situation that year. I'm still undecided for this year. Guess I better decide fast!!!
However, some of my favorite memories are from Black Friday shopping!

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