It's The Most Wonderful..errr..Craziest Time Of The Year

Currently it is spitting snow outside and I absolutely love it! I love for it to be cold near Christmas....really gets me in the spirit.

But let me tell you what is ruining my spirit....
That would be my dear kitten Molly who is currently climbing the Christmas tree behind me and knocking off ALL of the ornaments. It's more like my floor is decorated for Christmas.

Why must she do this?
I'm about 2.5 seconds away from taking (more like throwing) the whole tree down.
It is true.

And that is why I purchased plastic ornaments for the tree this year and put none of my "good" ones up.

It looked so pretty, but it's about to be no longer. Now off to Christmas shop! Let's see how much those crazies out there annoy me.....maybe I'll take a dose of my natural nerve supplement. Yes, yes I will.


  1. I swear by the squirt bottle. Saved me from a lot of headaches last year

  2. Oh no! Im so glad my dog doesnt do this! He sniffed the tree once, lost interest and walked away. Thanksfully he never tries to "mark" things inside the house! Guess we got lucky on that one!