Ok friends, I know I've been a little MIA.
BUT I've been working super hard on getting a few things up and running.....all while trying to bill 1400 clients at an accounting firm!
Needless to say, I've been a teeny tiny bit busy. ;)

BUT, BUT, BUT....I have won the battle.
I officially have a new photo blog. This has been a VERY long time coming.
So, um yeah, you should check it out. And yes it currently only has one post. I know.
I plan to post a lot more frequently on it, including tutorials, helpful tips, guest posts, and of course pictures and give aways! I'm so pumped!

The next HUGE thing I've been working on is my nonprofit. A while back I posted a rather cryptic post about starting this. Now it's officially incorporated.
Woo hoo!!!!
I cannot even describe how full my heart is. Sunday I have my first client.
The organization is called I See Love. We offer free photo services and products to families struggling with children suffering from critical and terminal illness.
I spent months trying to come up with a name. And I do mean months of thinking nonstop about it. Everything we came up with, I hated.
However, every time I would think about it, this song popped in my head, I See Love, by Mac Powell and Steven Curtis Chapman. Really just the chorus, that has these words:

But I see love (I see love)
I see love (I see love)
Light of heaven breaking through
Well I see grace (I see grace)
I see God's face (I See Gods face)
Shining pure and perfect love
When I see you
I see love

I mean honestly, when you think about it, most children that suffer from diseases have a special spirit about them and this chorus sums it up. When I told Chris how the song kept popping in my head, he said "well why don't you just call it that?"
Never thought of it.
And so a name was born!

The site for it is up and running too. We're still making a few tweaks here and there on the appearance, but at least it's up. Give it a visit: www.iseelove.org
We'll be sharing the stories of all the children we work with, there.

Seriously, my cup runneth over.

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