Are you a Bravo TV junkie like me?
I can't help myself...I love it!
Real Housewives of New Jersey is my favorite, but New York is a close second.
Do you remember Bethenny Frankel that was on the first two seasons?

You know, Skinny Girl margaritas, books, etc??
Well she was in the ATL Friday night and me and my bestie had tickets!
That's right, we were sitting pretty at the Skinny Girl Night Out with Bethenny.
She was so funny!
She talked a lot about her books...she has a new one coming out this month.
But her regular chatting other than the book was great.
It was definitely a neat experience and I'm glad I can say I went.

Saturday afternoon my aunt and I took a trip to Barnsley Gardens. I'm working on the photos, but will post soon. So lovely!

And the rest of my life equals unpacking!
Oh, and of course there's the marathon I'm having of Drop Dead Diva.
It's on instant play from netflix.
That's all we have until the cable man comes Friday!

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