Humbled and Blessed and Thankful and, and, and...

I had quite the experience at church Sunday morning.
I serve on our first impressions team. We handle things like greeting, the info booth, seating ushers, etc.
Yesterday we had a new family join our awesome team.
They were so pretty. Like the perfect pretty little family.
On our team, we usually serve one entire service and attend another.
So in between services, me and the pretty little new girl were chatting.
And somehow, as conversations travel, she ended up telling me her story.
Turns out this pretty put together lady in fact had a very ugly past.
She was addicted to drugs at the age of 12. Her mom was her dope dealer.
She then got into meth. And then moved into trafficking meth from Atlanta to Macon for the Mexican drug cartel.
She lost her kids.
Lost everything.
She said she had heard God knocking at her heart many a time, but felt too ashamed.
She thought He could never love her.
She thought people were born Christians....either you had it or you didn't.
She knew she would never be the cute little girl on the front row that has her life together.
And then she said it was in that moment that she felt God speak to her.
That he said "you're right. YOU never will be that girl on your own. that's why i died for you. so that you could be..."

Now I've heard many a story of transformation.
But there was something about this one that completely wrecked my heart.
I think it was the fact that the night before I was having a little internal pity party the night before of how Chris and I may never live the lifestyle to just go out and get each other nice gifts.
You know, evaluating my haves and have nots.
I was completely humbled because although I've been through a lot of really bad things, I never got to that point.
I'm so grateful that God found me when He did. I'm so endlessly thankful for His death on the cross. And that he did it for me, and for you, and for girls like the one I met Sunday.

I constantly stand in awe of the transformation God offers.
His endless love.

I am so thankful because I am ever so blessed.
And I want the entire world to know that feeling.

Something about her story made me step back and remember why I serve. Why I do this "Christian" thing. How unbelievably transformed my life is as a result of it. And how I would never ever in a million years un-do it.

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