so proud.

dear friends,
i am beginning to ENJOY working out!
this. is. huge.
so tuesdays and thursdays is water aerobics.
ashby and i call this "swim team". lol!
and i'm absolutely loving it. we've done 4 sessions so far, tomorrow will make 5, and each one has been with a different instructor getting totally different workouts.
woot woot!

now, tonight we added in cardio kickboxing.
at this moment, it is taking a lot of effort to type.
i am so sore all over.
but let me tell you, i am sooo proud of myself!
i was the biggest girl in the class and you know what? i did an hour of cardio kickboxing and didn't stop once!
not once!
yay me!
had i been at home doing this as a workout video, i surely would have quit.
but i didn't.
i persevered.
i pushed myself to the limit.
i totally almost threw up, but i pushed through.
i feel like this is the beginning of something wonderful for me......

my bootylicious booty is on it's way!

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  1. I am proud of you! This is great! Keep doing what you love and you will truly enjoy it more