Happy Day Ahead

Hiya friends! Yesterday on of my sweetest friends got married and I was the priviledged photographer! Woohoo!
While I'm waiting for the pictures to download from my camera, I figured I'd take a minute to catch up with you all.
All that to say I don't have a wedding pic to share just yet! I have about 4,000 photos to look through, narrow down and edit! Whew!

Today I'm super excited. Me and my girlfriend Ashby are having a fun-filled afternoon! After church I'm taking her to Charming Charlies for her first experience. I heart that place SO much. Like seriously!

And then tomorrow, well Operation Bootylicious is revamping into full swing with a minimum of 5 days/week workout.
My total loss if 15 pounds in a little over a month and that's with a couple weeks off from the gym. I know once I get the gym routine back in swing I can say goodbye to quite a few more pounds.
See last Monday we tried a new class - Body Works plus Abs.
Oh. My. Goodness.
It was ridiculous.
We of course thought it would be a breeze...just using light handweights? Oh we got this.
Ummm...NO. No we don't.
The workout kicked our behinds in the worst (good) way.
Seriously could barely move for 4 days. So needless to say we only had a 1-day gym visit.
This week we're determined to push through.
I'm in a wedding in November, which has been a big source of inspiration.
And while that's 6 months away, the time for trying on dresses is not!
SOOOO.....we've got to get this show on the road!

Ok enough about that.
Friday night I went to the rehearsal dinner for the wedding I shot on Saturday. Can I just tell you it was the cutest thing ever?!
Stayce's colors for the wedding were bright pink and bright yellow.
The rehearsal dinner was a cowboy theme using those colors.
And I DO have pictures of that...so....take a gander!

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