Drop Dead Happy!

The last two weeks have been spent deep in the throws of photo editing! It is wedding season after all!

But I did have one great joy while spending endless days staring at the computer....Drop Dead Diva. Now I've told you about my love for this show before...and that was only season 1! Chris discovered all of Season 2 on demand with our cable, and it was only available until 6/20. So I watched all of Season 2 this past weekend and the best part? The Season 3 premier Sunday night!!! Wahooo!

Yes, the show is cheesy at times, but overall I'm completely addicted.
And you know what else?
It's filmed right her in the great state of GA! Holla!


  1. I love this show! I actually Netflixed it after you wrote about it when you moved, and didn't have cable yet...(Sorry I'm a stalker!) and I quickly became hooked! Can I tell you how excited I was when the new season started on Sunday night!

  2. Its a pretty good show, i agree!