I'm really not a couch potato, but....

I feel like I'm always blogging about a new tv show.
And y'all, I'm seriously not a couch potato. I just always have the tv on in the background while I work.
You know, multi-tasking.

So recently I've been "multi-tasking" with The Braxton Family Values.

Now, I was born in the 80s. Which means I am a fan of music from the 90s. Personally I think it was one of the greatest musical eras! But anyway, I loved me some Toni Braxton.
For realio.
And she lives in Atlanta.....holla!
But she and her family have a show on We right now and I'm totally sucked in!
I love it!
And I think you should check it out.

And that's all for a little random Friday post! ;)

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