What equals an "unhealthy" obsession?

What exactly denotes an unhealthy obsession with something? Whatever it may be, I'm pretty sure I have reaches the level of unhealthy.
There are two things currently consuming me: Paris and teal & red.

I mean it's serious! I have thoughts of these things multiple times a day!
I think I realize it this morning while walking through the airport. I passed the gates where air France was and there were so many people waiting to go to Paris. I know most of them were French and well that just made me want to go sit beside them in hopes that something French about them would rub off on me!
I really don't know why I'm so enchanted with Paris. Often times I feel selfish with how strong my desire is to go back...8 hours there once in my life just wasn't enough! But I know there are so many people who never see other parts of the world and I'm so blessed to have traveled to the few places I have.
BUT - it's Paris! And something about it captivated me! I need to go back....for my sanity!

And then there's my color palate of teal and red. You know that scene in indecent proposal where they roll around naked in all their money? I want to roll around in things of teal and red! For realz....I LOVE it! I can't get enough - it's in every room of my house.


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