Dear Husband,

In case you haven't thought about it yet, my birthday is in exactly one month and 4 days.
It's coming soon!
And I figured since we're vacationing the week of yours and you get a party.......
well I want one of the items below. You can pick!

Option 1: Kindle. The DX is more $$, so just a regular Kindle is fine!
Now I know this is your fight for an iPad, BUT it's my bday present and I don't want an iPad.

Option 2: Coach Poppy Flower Perfume. Smells delish and it would be the only Coach item I've ever owned!

Option 3: A handheld camera for my purse. I am a photographer and I am far too often caught in a great photo op with no camera. This shall solve all the world's problems.

No choice is a bad one! Love you!



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  1. lol! I'm doing a post like this for Christmas! (sometimes husbands need hints, right??)