It. Is. Finished!

Hi friends!
Well as I've mentioned a million times, Pinterest has utterly taken over my life!
Now when I first got on there months ago, I found this picture and it was exactly what I wanted to do with our mantle. So for about a month I have been collecting things to create this masterpiece! And finally, finally today, it is finished and I absolutely love it!

Here is my original inspiration:
This is from Dayspring and is about $65. My whole project was under $30.

So I took a trip to Michael's and purchased a few pre-cut wood pieces at $1.99 each.

And for a little spice, I picked out some scrapbook paper.

The wood pieces had a raised insert in the middle, so I traced out the shape and hand cut each piece of paper. Once the fit was just right, glued it down with some mod podge and then painted two coats of mod podge on top.

Next I painted the wood letters and the outside of the wood pieces. I knew I was going for a distressed look, so I figured a teal like color would be just the pop I needed.

Once dry, I painted a thin layer of distress crackle paint along the outside of the wooden pieces.

CRACKLE! Unfortunately it wasn't as prominent as I had hoped, so I sanded it.

Proof of my sanding:

Next - the gluing of the letters. Just a little bit of Weldbond did the trick!

And here are the knobs to hang the rod.

Here's a little look after the paint cracked and sanding was done.

So Molly felt the need to assist with every step.

I brought in the manly man for drilling holes.

Put C hooks in the holes to hang on the rod.

Now, for hanging, we put screw anchors into the wall to screw the knobs into. I punched holes into ribbon (that I doubled up for added strength) and put those around the screw of the knob. I found the curtain rod for $3 at Ross. Cheap and serves it's purpose!

And VOILA!!!!! Finito!


  1. LT!!!!!! Honey, I LOVE this!!! Bravo babydoll!

  2. LOVE! I like it better than the one you found!

  3. Wow. That is so cute! I love it.