Beautiful Things

So for the past four weeks, our church has been doing a series called "I Quit".
We've quit making excuses, complaining, living in fear and the last week was comparing.
Each week we've had a personal story from people in our church. The hubs did a great job on all of the videos.
As I mentioned earlier this week, last Sunday was my story on comparing. And in my true fashion, I had a really hard time watching me on the big screen....it's tough when you've spent so long not liking yourself. (by the way, I like myself just fine now. we had a tough time there for a while though).
This is a topic that I have struggled with my whole life and it runs pretty deep through me.
I am by no means over it, but I'm a lot better than where I was.
Learning to enjoy MY story instead of stealing someone else's....now that's a tough one.
But I'm getting there.
And I'm loving me.
At the end of each service, we had chalk boards for people to write the things they were quitting (you'll need to know that for the end of the video to make sense). Here's my story....


  1. I so love you, Lauren Thomas! I'm glad that you have learned to like & love you too!