baby wallace

fair warning -  i may be turning into one of those obnoxious people that only post about their kids pets.
just kidding.
kind of.

so last weekend we did some venturing out and found this awesome park in our town.
sunday was so beautiful, i thought it was the perfect time to take our baby boy to the park.
he thoroughly enjoyed himself!

i tried to get him to chase ducks.
instead he just sat and watched them.
lazy dog.

and well then i thought a photo shoot was in order for the little fella!
this proved to be fun.
but he cooperated pretty well.

look at that sweet face!

side view...

looking off into the distance...

the money shot.

wallace and daddy.
awww....such love.

wallace and mommy - all artistic like.
and look, we even got his tennis ball in there.

yeah, we're pretty pathetic. 
but he's just so darn cute!
i think he would have laid in that grass all day if we would have let him.
he was happy as a clam.

***sidenote: what makes a clam happy? how do we know its happy?***

anywho, so i'm pretty sure the park will be a part of our weekly schedule - at least a couple of times a week. made wallace a happy pup and a sleepy one when we got home. perfection!

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  1. Such sweet pictures of your boy and thank you so much for linking up with SUNDAY SNAPS again!