Living It Up - Rangers Style

a couple of weeks ago, one of chris's awesome coworkers offered up some free tickets to the Rangers game.
of course we took them - we've got lots of texan things to do now! ;)
so the game was on tuesday.
it was an absolutely beautiful night for a ball game. 

here we are pre-game.

the game was on september 11th so they were honoring injured soldiers.
here are a few that they honored right before the national anthem.

anytime the national anthem is played, i totes cry.
i'm a patriotic baby.
and of course it being september 11th made it all the more emotional.
they had the airforce there with this gigantic flag.
so pretty.

um...did i mention how amazeballs our seats were?
we were right by home plate.
closest i've ever been at a game - definitely the place to sit.
i'll never be able to do the nosebleed seats again.

it was a fantastic game.
lots of homeruns.
go rangers!

seriously, i'm loving texas!

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  1. ah sounds so fun! i love going to rangers games. in fact- we're going on sunday! let's just hope it doesn't rain :)