This is the stuff...

saturday chris and i headed to terrell to watch my nephew, jade's baseball game.
this was my first time ever seeing him play and he was amazing!
my heart was so incredibly full...i don't even have words.

normally he doesn't pitch, but saturday he was starting pitcher.

while pitching, he made the most awesome play ever. everyone in the stands was going crazy, so none of us got it on camera!
there were two players from the other team coming in to home plate, when jade got the ball and tagged them both between third base and home plate.
both of them out!
it was the play of the day and he got the game ball for being so awesome!

then he was up to bat.
honestly, he's just the cutest little fella ever in the world.

here he is at 3rd, cheering on his team and then running in to home plate.

i love this picture.
the coach in the background is my older brother.
i seriously just love it!

and then here was the little princess of the day.
my niece, jordi.
she's precious. simply precious.

after the game we all went out for lunch and actually spent a couple of hours just chatting.
you see, all of this, this stuff....this is why i moved to texas.
all of this "stuff" that i've been missing out on.
little lives that i haven't been a part of.
it's time for all of that to change.
the weekends that i get to spend with my family - it just fills my heart to the brim.
and all of this stuff has me thanking jesus every day for the opportunity and timing to move out here.

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